• The file has been updated to the start of the 2017 season. There are over 425,000 changes in total.
  • Every first team player and staff member in J1 & J2 League has been included. All personnel have been set with attributes, positions, shirt numbers, personal details and playing histories.
  • Most of the staff members and some players in J3 have been included with the above details set.
  • Club logos for teams in J1, J2, J3 and JFL. (by Dax)
  • Real attendance and season ticket figures for teams in J1 through JFL. Real media outlets and major player agents have been added. (by Dax)
  • More than 1000 U18 players, high school players, university players and youth staff have been added with accurate personal details, positions and ratings. Some youth players also have select attributes set based on their strengths and weaknesses. (by Dax)
  • Realistic league structure up to JFL with realistic prize money and rules. A standard U18 system has been included due to the impossibility of replicating the real one without bugs.
  • Realistic finances have been implemented using financial records provided by clubs. Numbers have been scaled as accurately as possible to how FM calculates expenses. (by Dax)


  • Facepack with over 1000 cut-outs
  • League structure down to the regional leagues
  • Real youth competition structure if feasible
  • More cup competitions and friendly tournaments
  • One-to-one representation of the Emperor’s Cup qualification

Thanks to Dax for his work with youth players and clubs as well as details that add to the immersion.
Thanks to Shimera for helping with Ehime FC and club kits.